All Things Merry & Bright

Had a little long distance happy hour with my friends (and awesome authors) Julia Kelly and Alexis Anne last night.  We talked about holiday-themed novellas and whether we read them (Julia) or not (Alexis and I).  We also chatted about using the holidays in our own writing, as well as about some of our own personal traditions.  Hope you’ll grab a beer/wine/whiskey/hot tea and join us.  And please share some of your own favorite holiday reads and/or traditions in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!

Warning: May Cause Cravings

Recently my friend (and awesome romance writer), Alexis Anne, shared with me that reading Neverending Beginnings made her want to make lasagna for dinner.  (My main character in the novel repeats the same week over and over, and therefore makes lasagna over and over.)  This has to be one of the coolest things anyone has told me about my novel and it got us both thinking about the role food plays in fiction.  This week we sat down to chat about my use of food in both Neverending Beginnings and Delayed. Grab a snack and enjoy!

Hungry?  Here are the recipes for Kate’s Lasagna and the Beer Chili I mentioned in the video.  And be sure to check out Alexis’ website for a chance to win a copy of Delayed!


Without Further Delay

Delayed Cover New Size

I am thrilled to share with you that my new novella, Delayed, has been published!  Here are all the details:

What it’s all about:

Carolyn’s life has gone pretty much according to plan.  She’s followed all the rules.  Her star is rising at work, she’s just gotten engaged to an amazing man and she lives in a perfectly decorated apartment.

A delayed flight throws her life and plans off schedule.  What she learns, stuck overnight in the airport, has her questioning everything and puts her face to face with her own missed connection.

This contemporary romance follows twenty-six year old Carolyn’s quarter-life coming-of-age story, the demise of her life as she knows it and the discovery of her own truth.

Where to find it:

Side note: for those of you who have read Neverending Beginnings, you will enjoy updates on Kate and Ben in Delayed.

Thanks for checking out my new work!  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

The Old Apartment (and the New Novella!)


This past weekend, I broke into my old apartment.  I have written before about basing my main character, Kate’s, apartment in Neverending Beginnings on my own first apartment in Richmond (pictured in the background above).  The story I just finished writing picks up at the end of the novel, but follows Kate’s neighbor, Carolyn.  Since I had just been writing about it, I couldn’t resist sneaking away from a wedding I was attending (the building also houses a beautiful event space), to peek at the apartments. Continue reading

Making Something from Nothing

Trying to spark some creative juices recently, I used diyMFA’s Writer Igniter to generate a writing prompt. Here’s what it gave me:

  • character- curator at a posh gallery
  • situation – returns to his or her hometown
  • prop – frying pan
  • setting – an urban waterfront area (or at least that was my interpretation of the picture)

Here’s what I came up with:

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First Dances & Deleted Scenes

The version of my novel that was published late last year actually looks very little like the original story line that I started with. The decision to have my main character, Kate, re-live the same week over and over was edited in later and not part of the original plot at all. There are a lot of things that happened in that first manuscript that didn’t make it into the final edit.

Recently, I was thinking about that long ago first draft and remembered that I had included more details about the first dance in the wedding scene. Curious about this, I went digging through my files. As soon as I found the scene I remembered that the wedding at the end of the orginal story actually isn’t Amy and Jack’s wedding (which, of course, is featured prominantly in Neverending Beginnings); but instead was Carolyn and Dave’s wedding (two characters who played a much more minor role in the finished product).

Here’s a little bit of that very old draft:

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Leaping (August 1998)

This week’s post is the second and final in my two week celebration of graduation. As I was preparing this series of posts, I started to wonder what exactly is it about graduation? Why do I have these snippets of fiction from totally separate projects that share this common theme? They certainly didn’t grow out of some common writing prompt. In fact, they weren’t connected at all until I got the idea to share them here as part of a series. Graduation, at it’s root, is paradox at its best; both an end and a beginning. When I think about it in that context it’s not hard at all to understand why I keep coming back to it. The piece I’m sharing this week explores exactly that juxtaposition. The new and the old. The bitter and the sweet. The now and the not yet. Enjoy!

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Graduation season is upon us!  In honor of the season, I’m sharing some little snippets of fiction with a graduation focus both this week and next.  This week’s piece is a flashback scene that explores the tension that arises when other people feel that you’ve answered that infamous question, “what are your plans after graduation?” wrong. Enjoy! Continue reading