The Top 3 Songs on my Playlist (Today)

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A friend of mine recently wrote a poignant Facebook post about a song that really speaks to her.  It got me thinking about some of my own favorites and I realized that I really haven’t written much about music here.  This seems odd to me, since it’s a huge part of my life. I started thinking about all the music I love and trying to come up with a clever way to present it.  Maybe my favorite songs of all time?  Or I could organize it by decade, or style, or the age I was when I fell in love with that one song in particular?  In thinking about it all I realized why I don’t write about music — it’s daunting.  Too many things I love and too many reasons I love them.

So instead I’ve decided to simply share the three  songs that I find myself playing over and over recently: Continue reading

The Old Apartment (and the New Novella!)


This past weekend, I broke into my old apartment.  I have written before about basing my main character, Kate’s, apartment in Neverending Beginnings on my own first apartment in Richmond (pictured in the background above).  The story I just finished writing picks up at the end of the novel, but follows Kate’s neighbor, Carolyn.  Since I had just been writing about it, I couldn’t resist sneaking away from a wedding I was attending (the building also houses a beautiful event space), to peek at the apartments. Continue reading

Guppy Breeze

The world feels a bit heavy to me right now. I can’t account for exactly the cause, but it’s most likely a combination of the news of plane crashes and verdicts delivered and tough things that I know friends are going through. In the middle of all this, however, there was Sharknado.

If you’re unfamiliar with the campy thriller about a tornado full of sharks produced by the ScyFy channel, just google it. The concept is ridiculous. Apparently, the graphics are old school and not the least bit touched up and the acting is equally, awesome-ly bad (Steve Sanders from 90210 shows up to defeat sharks with a chainsaw).

Continue reading

To My Feet, With Love

Yesterday, I found myself walking around the city alone in the middle of the day.  It reminded me of a time, nearly eleven years ago, when I first moved here.  I was working retail and found myself home during the day more than I do now.  Since it wasn’t prudent to add a gym membership to my already just barely keeping it together budget, I would go on long walks.  The memory of these walks opened the floodgates.  Turns out I’ve taken a lot of beautiful walks in my life. It seems only appropriate to give credit where credit’s due. Thus . . .  Continue reading

A Mysterious Treat

I walk through a city park on my way to and from work everyday.  It’s always interesting.  The park is mostly surrounded by a university, so there are students arcing footballs across the footpaths, playing guitar, engaging in a game with foam swords and cardboard shields. There is also a solid display of urban wildlife: the hawk that hangs out there pretty regularly, any number of squirrels darting frantically round.  Occasionally these two worlds intersect in unexpected ways.

Most recently it was a squirrel eating a cracker.  Not just any little cracker, but one of those bright orange peanut butter sandwich ones that comes in a six pack.  The ones that are about the same size as a squirrels head, if not larger.  I can only imagine what that squirrel was thinking . . . Continue reading