IMG_0772This is a perfectly healthy and thriving tree. I don’t know how it happened. Was there more dirt around that tree that has washed away over time? Maybe lots of trees grow over and around rocks like this but we just can’t see it. Or is it somehow possible that there was a little seed that fell in a tiny dirt filled crack in this rock and then just grew and grew and grew? Continue reading

A Little Walk in the Woods

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One of the tallest waterfalls in the United States, Crabtree Falls, is right here in the state I’ve lived in my whole life, lless than two hours from where I live now. Yet, I had never seen it until a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been to England, France, Ireland, Italy, and Belgium. Even spent a few hours in Iceland. And yet I had never seen this super amazing thing miles from home. There’s a thinly veiled allegory in there about not seeing the things right in front of you, right? Continue reading