Seemingly Simple, Deceptively Complex

I saw the movie, The Intern, this past weekend. It was the best (happy sigh). I love a presumably simple story that turns conventional wisdom on its head just enough to make some really, really big points.

The simple story: young women who is head of start-up that has exploded, agrees to work with an intern in the company’s new program, as a goodwill gesture– to set the tone for her employees. She has no intent of actually working with said intern. The conventional wisdom turned on its head: the intern is not your traditional college intern- instead he’s a 70-year-old retired VP. It’s a new kind of senior internship program. The story basically chronicles the growth of their friendship.

So what where the big points? There are probably lots, because like any really good story, I think you’ll take from this one what you need. Here’s what I got: Continue reading

Making Something from Nothing

Trying to spark some creative juices recently, I used diyMFA’s Writer Igniter to generate a writing prompt. Here’s what it gave me:

  • character- curator at a posh gallery
  • situation – returns to his or her hometown
  • prop – frying pan
  • setting – an urban waterfront area (or at least that was my interpretation of the picture)

Here’s what I came up with:

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