I Crave a Different Kind of Buzz

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Want to know what my favorite part of our trip to Paris and Brussels was? The grocery store. I know, I know — there’s the Eiffel Tower in all it’s lacy steel glory and the breathtaking architecture of the Grand Place. We walked the banks of the Seine, wandered the galleries at the Pompidou, and toured a brewery that has been in operation since 1900. Amazing things all– but not my favorite. Nope, my favorite was

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Le Grande Voyage!


As I mentioned last week, I am in smack-dab in the middle of Mike & Mary Chris’ European adventure this week (okay, I’m actually sort of nearing the end… but middle sounds nicer, yes?) The adventure started when we arrived in Birmingham, England last Friday and got to hang out with our goddaughter (and her amazing parents and super-cool big brother) for a couple of days. Sunday we hopped on the train to Paris and Continue reading