Let Your Heart Be Light …


My wish for all of you on this December 24 is a peaceful day filled with whatever it is that makes your heart happiest. (If you happen to be celebrating Christmas Eve, like me,  happy that, too!)

Also, if your heart is not so light and you feel more like you’re muddling through– be kind to yourself this season. The holiday blues are real and if you’re not feeling ultra full of elfin good cheer, it really is okay. Take care of you and know that I’m sending extra helpings of those wishes for peace your way.

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with Strings

You know what it is a soon as you pick it up. You can feel the rigid spine under the cheerful holiday paper. It’s dense as you lift it from under the tree. And yet, even though you know without a doubt you’ve been given a book— what lies under that paper is still a complete and total surprise. Continue reading

About That Decking the Halls Thing …


I thought about decorating our house last weekend. I was going to get out the big box labeled Christmas, hang the fake mistletoe, fill that bowl on the table with shiny ornaments. I mean we are having this holiday thing at our house and so I should decorate, right? We can’t host a holiday gathering in an unholiday-ed house!

And the moment I had that thought, was the exact moment I decided I was not going to decorate this year. Continue reading