On Sharing Space


That really blurry photo is of some people I don’t know hanging out on my patio. (Yes, you read that correctly, I DON’T know them.) If you look closely you’ll notice that just beyond the blurry silhouettes there’s a street performance going on (with fire!). About four times a year the gallery across the street from my house gets a permit to close down a section of the street and there’s music and fire and dancing. When the weather is nice, as it was last Friday, the street right in front of our house gets completely packed.  Continue reading

The Weird Factor

photo 1A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how much I enjoyed using Airbnb on my recent trip to Paris and Brussels. How staying in an apartment, as opposed to a hotel really helped me tap into that live like a local experience that I crave. If you’re not familiar with Airbnb, it’s basically an online service that helps people who want to rent apartments, houses or rooms connect with travelers who want to rent them. They handle the “introductions” and the exchange of money, and you coordinate the details of your trip with the property owner.

There’s another service that recently arrived in my town, that I’ve been really excited about as well,– Uber. It’s sort of like the Airbnb for driving. Continue reading

Just Add Author

book and wine


A couple of months ago a friend of mine mentioned that she would like to host a book club style gathering for my book. (I phrase it that way, because it wasn’t part of a book club that met regularly, but just a one night party for a book).  Over the last couple months a plan was hatched for just such an evening and last Thursday I sat down with five amazing women to talk about my book. Continue reading