In the Quiet, In the Crowd


Weeks ago a friend invited me to a potluck. It wasn’t just any potluck. It was a Super Secret Talent Show and Potluck. In addition to bringing a dish to share, you were also encouraged to bring your talent– specifically a talent that very few people knew you had (hence the super secret part). Always excited at the prospect of sharing a meal and meeting new and interesting people (with super secret talents), I eagerly marked the night on the calendar. Continue reading

On Mother’s Day (or, you know, the Thursday after)

mothers day

I believe in gratitude.  It can forge connections and make us feel less alone in a great big world, like nothing else.  Yet sometimes, I take for granted that the people closest to me know how grateful I am for them.  I’ll stop by my co-workers office to tell her how awesome those iced sugar cookies she left in the staff kitchen were, but I don’t think to e-mail my Mom to let her know how much I loved pulling one of her chocolate chip cookie bars out of the freezer.  That it reminds me of childhood and of home.

This week I though I would pause to reflect on just a few of the other things I may have forgotten to thank my Mom for: Continue reading