Run Your Race


Last Sunday my husband and I ran a 15K (9.3 miles, but 15K sounds much cooler, right?). It was called the Frostbite 15K and this year the race name could not have been more accurate– it snowed all morning.

There were parts of the race where the beginning of the course and the end of the course ran the same road. Meaning as you went out others were coming in and vice versa. We were at about mile 7 when the last runner came through (she was probably about 3 miles in). I know she was the last runner because there was a police car behind her, signaling the end of the race. Everyone on our side cheered for her as we ran by. She seemed to know one of the men behind me and made a comment about her slow progress, to which he replied “Just run your race. You’ve got this.” Continue reading

Turning Over the Milestones

milestone quote

My 10th wedding anniversary is this coming Friday (September 6).  When this comes up in conversation, I’m immediately asked what our plans are.  Are we doing something special?  We do have plans now, but we just decided on those last week. And they aren’t really particularly different than other anniversaries; a nice dinner at the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner. No big huge party with fireworks and sparklers on top of a cake.  No Mediterranean cruise.  No trip to Vegas to renew our vows. Continue reading