What’s On …

Just a few little notes about what’s on my playlist, my nightstand, and my stove these days.

On the last Thursday of every month I share a book I’ve read and a beer to go along with it in my Books & Brews post. This is super fun way to share two of my very favorite things with you (craft beer and books), but there are also so many great podcasts, songs, recipes and other books that I’d love to share. So I came up with an idea for this new feature– I’m calling it What’s On and it’s just a little monthly round up of all that other good stuff.

On my playlist: Every Branch Podcast– I stumbled on this podcast late last year and havecover170x170 been listening my way through the archives since then. You know how sometimes something finds you at exactly the moment you need it? Yeah, that was this. I was just starting to heal from my year of not-really-writing and tackling new directions in my career. Brooke Snow and Sarah Bray felt like old friends immediately. They’re beautifully honest in a way that makes me feel like I’m having coffee with a friend– that one who really gets me. Two of my favorite episodes are #24: Making Friends and #36 Freedom Through Forgiveness. (The most recent episode, #38, is also amazing, and explains the transition that is going on with the podcast right now.) Continue reading