In the Quiet, In the Crowd


Weeks ago a friend invited me to a potluck. It wasn’t just any potluck. It was a Super Secret Talent Show and Potluck. In addition to bringing a dish to share, you were also encouraged to bring your talent– specifically a talent that very few people knew you had (hence the super secret part). Always excited at the prospect of sharing a meal and meeting new and interesting people (with super secret talents), I eagerly marked the night on the calendar. Continue reading

Objects at Rest

feet upI took Monday off this week, after spending the weekend at the James River Writers Conference (which was excellent). I have finally learned that this is essential in order to care for my inner introvert. Here’s the thing though, ever since I started approaching my writing as a job, my tendency is to put a great deal of pressure on my days off with to do lists as long as my arm. And while it is a different kind of work, it is still work. I’m being quiet, but I’m not resting.

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