An Open Letter To My Aching Leg

Dear Tenacious Little Running Injury,

Is is okay if I call you TLRI for short? No, you prefer Tenacious I, like Tenacious D – but with an I. Fine. Now, comedy music duo names aside, I’m writing to let you know that you’ve made your point loud and clear and I’m going to need you to leave.

I’ve learned two things about myself since you showed up: Continue reading

Spectacular. Messy. Lessons in Both.

Spectacular. Messy.Lessons in both.

A friend of mine posted this challenge on Facebook on New Years Eve: describe 2015 in three to five words. Five words? A whole year to summarize. I write 65,000 word novels and struggle to keep my weekly blog posts at around 300 words (this one is way over, folks). Despite the difficulty, I loved her idea of summarizing all those year-end thoughts in this really concise way. I chose these five words: Continue reading

A Letter to My Goddaughter

J Invite smaller

This past Sunday I became a godmother (Of the non-fairy variety, to the best of my knowledge.  If I suddenly sprout wings, you’ll be the first to know).  My husband and I were thrilled to “attend” the christening of our goddaughter in Birmingham, England via telephone.  We feel so honored to be included in her life in this way. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my hopes for her.  Here are just a few of them: Continue reading

What I Learned at RWA (Not just for Writers!)

Two weeks ago I attended the Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference in Atlanta, GA. It was an amazing experience and I could write and write and write about it, but I promise you I won’t. Instead I will highlight the three biggest things I learned in an easy to digest, non-writer specific list:

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