Friends Through the Years & Across the Miles

This week is the second of a  two week period  that my friend Karen and I are the same age.  Our birthdays are two weeks apart, making me exactly fifty weeks younger than her.  I was fascinated by this as a child, and loved being her age for those two weeks.

Our friendship is an interesting one, in that we have never lived particularly near each other.  Growing up, she lived four hours away in Maryland.  I stayed in Virginia for college and she headed to Chicago.  In a brief time when were were both out of college, we were geographically closer than we have ever been.  She was living in Maryland, I was in the northern part of Virginia and we could easily meet in Washington, DC.  However, before long she was accepted into graduate school school in Glasgow, Scotland, and we haven’t lived in the same country now, for more than ten years.

Despite the distance, she is still one of my closest friends. Continue reading