I Still Believe in Tuesday Night Rock Shows


This week I went to two concerts; one on Monday and one on Tuesday. My life isn’t always like this– there are plenty of weeks in which I attend zero concerts. However, many years ago, I promised myself that would never let the fact that I had to work the next day cause me to miss out on a show I really wanted to see (i.e., I’d go out on a school night). This week, there happened to be two such shows.

It’s a commitment I’m so grateful to have been able to keep, though I’ll admit it looks a little different from the vantage point of the later end of my 30s than it did in the early part of my 20s. Here are just a few of the those differences: Continue reading

In the Details

They say the devil is in the details, but I’m going to disagree– unless the devil is awesome and magical. Because I’m pretty sure that it is beauty that is in the details. I had the privilege of being invited to an amazing Fourth of July party last weekend. My friends won exclusive access to a park located in the heart of the city through a charity auction. It was just our small group and the park staff and their families there. Continue reading