I didn’t make any resolutions this year, which isn’t really anything new, I typically don’t. However, in the past I have set goals for the new year. Last year, for example, I taped two index cards into the back of my planner: one for personal goals, one for writing goals. There were ten goals total. Want to take a stab at how many of them I met?

I think it’s likely that you were over-generous in your guess. (Thank you.) I met one goal. That’s right, one. And if I’m being honest, I only met that one because it was set to be extremely achievable.

But you know what wasn’t on my personal goals list? Running two half marathons. And what wasn’t on my writing goals list? Doing a reading at an amazing library a few months ago or hearing from a listener that the podcast I’m part of helped her. I had wins in both areas this year, but none of them were the ones I set down and arbitrarily jotted down twelve months ago. There was an interesting article in The Guardian recently that offered this about long-term goals: Continue reading

Resolve To . . .

Resolve to

Resolve to occasionally eat chocolate for breakfast if you want to.  Or bacon.  Or chocolate covered bacon.

Resolve to do that thing you’ve been thinking about but just aren’t sure what everyone would think.  You know the one: that haircut with the choppy bangs, that guy (or gal) who’s not like anyone you’ve ever dated, that story in your head about the unicorn and the wily goat you want to write.

Resolve to be who you are, not some version of yourself you believe you need to be.

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