What’s On …

Just a few little notes about what’s on my playlist, my nightstand, and my stove these days.

On my playlist:¬†I listened to an interview with Jesse Browner on The Good Life Project podcast last week. Browner, a novelist, was talking about his recently released memoir HOW DID I GET HERE? The book is his reflection on his decision to leave the Bohemian lifestyle of Alphabet City in the 1980’s (think, RENT) and take a government job. It’s about how he questioned for years whether he would have been more creative and productive as an author had he not taken the “day job” and how he has finally made peace with his decision. This is something I think about all the time and his wisdom and insight helped me see some of my own choices from a different perspective. Pretty sure this is one I’ll need to listen to again. And maybe again. Continue reading

What I Learned at RWA (Not just for Writers!)

Two weeks ago I attended the Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference in Atlanta, GA. It was an amazing experience and I could write and write and write about it, but I promise you I won’t. Instead I will highlight the three biggest things I learned in an easy to digest, non-writer specific list:

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