On Daisies in Beer Bottles Outside Hotel Rooms


Look closely at that picture of a door above– see those daisies in the lower left corner? They are in a beer bottle and placed very intentionally outside a hotel room door. My husband and I happened across them very, very early this past weekend (i.e. before 5:30am), as we were leaving to check in for a race we were running. There’s a story there — right? How could there not be? Here’s my version:

He watched her pick at the corner of the label on her bottle and thought about teasing her about drinking cheap swill, but decided it might not be funny just then.

She took sip of the beer long gone warm and narrowed her eyes at him, “You let me order this?” She nodded her head toward the bottle, her nose crinkled in disgust.

He’d never had the slightest bit of influence over her decisions. Ever. But now didn’t seem the appropriate time to mention that, either. “You insisted it was the perfect night-cap,” he replied instead, then added “An hour ago.” Continue reading