This is 39.


Last week I went to a concert at a beautiful park in the middle of the city. The weather was perfect. Cool with just enough humidity that you couldn’t forget that it was June in Virginia. It also just happened to be my 39th birthday.

As I sat in my fold-up camping chair, eating a bowl full of quinoa/arugula/avocado and sipping my beer– I took in the crowd around me. Standing just behind the sound board in a more open space were two women with long wavy hair and pretty sundresses. They laughed and talked to some other people near them. They huddled close together over secrets and inside jokes. Later they took their shoes off and danced. They knew all the words. Continue reading

I Still Believe in Tuesday Night Rock Shows


This week I went to two concerts; one on Monday and one on Tuesday. My life isn’t always like this– there are plenty of weeks in which I attend zero concerts. However, many years ago, I promised myself that would never let the fact that I had to work the next day cause me to miss out on a show I really wanted to see (i.e., I’d go out on a school night). This week, there happened to be two such shows.

It’s a commitment I’m so grateful to have been able to keep, though I’ll admit it looks a little different from the vantage point of the later end of my 30s than it did in the early part of my 20s. Here are just a few of the those differences: Continue reading

This is 37


Last Friday, in the elevator on the way to a class I teach, I asked one of the graduate interns working in our department if she would mind sharing a little bit about her experience as a Psychology major. I indicated that I wanted her to do this, since her undergrad experience was much more recent than mine. She expressed some shock about this, and when I explained that I was in college in the 90s and was turning 38 this year, she explained that she really thought I was about her age.

While I don’t know her exact age, I’m going to guess that it’s at least 10 years less than mine (and probably a little more). This, of course, made my day — because, hello … 27! But it also made me think about the fact that I wouldn’t actually want to be any younger. I’m content in my late 30’s. Here are just a few reasons why: Continue reading