A Thousand Words


I don’t always participate in those Facebook challenges that get passed around. You know the ones: answer a bunch of random questions about your favorite things, post a happy picture for 100 days, dump a bucket of ice water over your head. But sometimes I decide to play along (I’m a sucker for the writing ones, 7 Lines from Page 7 of Your Work in Progress, anyone?) Yesterday, the awesome Alexis Anne, tagged me in the I’m Beautiful Just the Way I Am Challenge in which you are tasked with choosing five photographs you feel beautiful in and posting them. I’m sure I’ve been tagged in this in the past, and just scrolled right on by, but this time I decided to pause and take the challenge. Continue reading

Luck O’ the . . .Whatever

luck quote

It’s the season of four-leaf clovers and pots of gold and all things lucky.  But here’s the thing — I’m not sure I believe the hype.

Sure, if I win the lottery tonight, that could be luck.  If I had won that gift certificate to that awesome jewelry designer’s site I retweeted about the other day, that might have been luck.  But success in life isn’t a lighting strike moment.  Nope. Not buying it. Continue reading