Put on Your Happy Sweater

Last week, I got in an elevator with a student wearing a fabulous sweater. It was black and gray with a giant white smiley face in the middle. Obviously it was the giant knit happy face that drew my eye, but the sweater itself was cozy and soft looking. We had quite a bit of snow here last week, and this was our first day back at the university after two days of cancelled classes and a late opening.

“I really love your sweater,” I said. Continue reading

Accidental Pants

It’s starting to get chilly here in Richmond, Virginia. Those cold winter mornings are coming. I love everything about commuting to work on foot, I really do, but if I had to pick something I like least– it would be leaving my warm house on sub-freezing mornings. So in preparation for those winter walks, I went shopping for pants last weekend. Continue reading

I Guess the Winter Makes You Laugh a Little Slower …


It’s been a little gloomy here in Richmond, Virginia this winter and I’m not going to lie– I’m tired of it. It has snowed twice in two weeks and it seems like sunny days have been nearly non-existent. Earlier this week, walking home from work I was standing on a pile of dirty snow, waiting to cross a major intersection, staring across the street at more grey piles watching mud streaked cars pass and felt myself sigh. It wasn’t even intentional, more like an automatic response. Continue reading