I’m Standing On Canal …


Every time I’m in New York I’m convinced that the reason so many writers gravitate toward the city is for all the people watching. Space is a premium commodity and you find yourself sharing a table at a coffee shop, being seated inches from other diners at a restaurant and standing centimeters from fellow passengers on the subway. You can’t help but hear what that couple on their first date is talking about, or notice what the distinguished older gentleman in reading on the train. It’s character development gold. Which is why my favorite thing to do in the city is just be in the city. Grab coffee and watch people walk by, wander through parks and city streets and just listen.

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3 of the 8 Million Stories in the Naked City


I’ve written about New York before. I’m lucky to live close enough that I can get there regularly, eradicating the need to cram every. single. thing. into a long weekend.  Instead there is time to wander the streets, sit in hotel lobbies and just drink it all in.

My previous New York posts have all been about my itinerary — what I did, what I saw.  This time, I thought I would reflect on the people I encountered and their stories.  And by their stories, I mostly mean the stories I created for them.  Sort of like Humans of New York, except without the actual interviews, just a few facts and my writer’s eye and mind.

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