Reflections on Glitter & Sticky Notes

I found this picture on my phone recently. It was from March 18, 2020. I remember taking it when I went into my office to grab a few things I thought I might need while the university was closed for a couple weeks. Almost as an afterthought, I grabbed the my plant from it’s sunny windowsill thinking it might appreciate some attention in those couple weeks. It’s still sitting in the temporary spot in my house where I placed it more than a year ago.

The more awesome than glitter sticky note was from a project I had launched just before spring break. I work in the innovation center and am always looking for ways to infuse wellness into our programming for students. For a little midterm boost, I’d put a wipe board out in our lobby for students to leave notes reflecting on something positive or jotting down a gratitude. I also put notes all around the space (you look great on the bathroom mirror, best meeting ever in the conference room). The glitter one was stuck to a window on the way upstairs to our administrative offices. One my coworkers would walk by everyday. It was a nod to an inside joke related to my unapologetic love of the shiny stuff and pretty much everyone else’s equal distaste for it.

It feels almost surreal to look at that picture now and think about how much I didn’t know was coming when I swiped my gluestick across that small slip of paper and sprinkled it with glitter. How much the next year would push me to really call on the wellness principles I talk to students about: meditation, sleep, interrupting negative self-talk. How much I would learn about giving and receiving grace. How much there is to learn– Full. Stop.

I’ve felt called recently to spend some time reflecting on these lessons through some essays here, as it seems like more than I can fit on a sticky note. Even one with glitter.

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