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cropped-IMG_9184.jpgI’ve been writing stories pretty much my whole life.  As a child, I wrote them entirely in my head, as I wandered around the house acting them out with my stuffed animals.  In my early teenage years, hours of my summer vacation were devoted to handwriting stories in notebooks that prominently featured the gentlemen from New Kids on the Block and my friends. Towards the end of high school and into early college I wrote poetry full of more pathos than actually existed in my life.  Then for a number of years all I wrote were research papers.  I didn’t find fiction again until I was nearly 30 and I sat down to chronicle Kate’s journey in Neverending Beginnings.  It includes far less focus on boy bands (by which I mean, none).

Here is a smattering of other random facts about me:

  1. I had a pet sheep named Balki Bartokomous, but not one named Cousin Larry.
  2. I leave glasses of half drunk water all over the house (and remind my husband frequently that this was what saved people in that movie Signs)
  3. I wrote my first novel when I was in grad school.  It wasn’t an MFA program.
  4. I do not believe that Allagash Brewing Company is capable of making a bad beer.  Thank you, Rob Tod.
  5. Corduroy was (and still is) my favorite children’s book.
  6. I have been to both a Snoop Dogg concert and an Amy Grant concert.
  7. I’ve seen every episode of the show Felicity (I’m still team Noel after all these years).

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  1. Hey, lady…loving the blog (I’m now a follower!) and so excited for your self-published novel. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend in Brooklyn and hearing more about your process (and that closet!).

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