About Me

I write award-winning, lighthearted women’s fiction. I’m inspired by our human capacity for resilience and fascinated by each person’s unique journey to finding their own enough-ness. I tell stories of women who persist when life doesn’t go as planned. As a reader, I always love a story that leaves me feeling uplifted; so no matter how hard things get for the characters I write, my stories always include a heavy dose of hope.

My own journey includes learning that meditation, sleep, running, and eating my veggies are better fuel for my creativity than coffee-fueled late nights. As a result, I’m fascinated by the idea of rethinking “hustle” culture through a wellness lens. 

I can’t resist a pretty food blog or a foodie memoir. I love craft beer with a strong preference for Belgian styles and will firmly defend a West Coast style IPA. While I truly do love a well-constructed kale salad with crispy tofu, I still believe that pizza is the most perfect food. I also love squirrels– bonus points if I catch one eating pizza.

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