My October weekends have been filled with all sorts of writer-ly, bookish goodness! Two weekends ago I did a reading at the Slover Library in Norfolk, this past weekend I moderated two panels at the James River Writers Conference, and tomorrow I’m headed to Philadelphia to attend the Women’s Fiction Writers Association’s regional conference. It’s odd how things lump together like this, isn’t it? How you’ll go months without any weddings, and then have three friends getting married in the course of five weeks. Or you’ll go six months without seeing your extended family and then seem them repeatedly in the one month span between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Seems like fall is the season for book events, at least in my little section of the east coast. Therefore, I’m officially renaming October weekends: “bookends.” (Get it, like books and weekends …)

Anyway, bad wordplay aside– in celebration of this bookish season, I thought I’d share img_2674some pictures and the excerpt of How to be Alive that I read at Slover, just for fun.

Setup: The scene takes place not long after the death of the main character’s fiancé. She’s trying to reach a panini press on the top shelf of a closet to make herself a grilled cheese sandwich (comfort food): Continue reading

Behind How to Be Alive: Felicity & Throwing Half a Book in the Trash

HTBA Cover Small

It occurred to me recently that I’ve never shared the story behind each of my books here. Since this blog is all about the moments that make up our journeys, it seems like an oversight not to share a little bit of the process behind the books. Their journeys, so to speak. This week I’m sharing the story behind my most recent novel, How to be Alive and in a couple of weeks I’ll do the same for my debut (Neverending Beginnings) and it’s linked novella (Delayed). Remember that show called Storytellers on VH1 years ago? It’s sort of like that, with books …  Continue reading

How to be Alive


HTBA Cover Small

My new novel will be released on Monday, June 30. Also known as, this coming Monday (also known as very soon!).  It was long journey from those first words on the computer screen to holding the print book in my hand for the first time and I am excited to finally share this story with you. So excited, that I’m sharing the first bit of it with you here:

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