Riverboats & Irony


One of my favorite neighborhood restaurants recently hosted a riverboat dinner cruise. They rented an old school steamboat and we travelled a few miles up the river, then turned around and headed back to enjoy a night view of the city skyline. They served delicious food (macaroni and cheese, spicy potato salad, steamed shrimp, oysters, black bean salad, an amazing s’mores inspired dessert, etc.). Along with some of their most popular cocktails and some summery wine and beer. There was also dancing. Continue reading

Rory’s Story

photo 2

I’m not a dog person. I know, I know. It’s a terribly controversial thing to say — but before you (a) stop reading this and/or (b) decide you should never read of my books because, seriously who could NOT love dogs– I implore you to at least finish this post, which is somewhat ironically, about a dog that I liked quite a bit. Continue reading