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webbadge4Thank you so much for being a part of my lunch discussion about self-publishing at the James River Writers Conference in Richmond, VA.  I have compiled a few resources here that have been really helpful to me.  Please know that it is in no way comprehensive, just a list of my personal favorites to date.  If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch, just click the contact tab above for all the details on where to find me.

Dan Blank, We Grow Media: great tips on buillding an authentic author platform (subscribe to his newsletter, you won’t be sorry!)

DIY MFA: lots of cool stuff here, but I’ve linked to the series of interviews with indie authors, (link is to the October 10 article, see the side bar on the right for other articles)

Smashwords Book Marketing GuideThe Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success, & Smashwords Style Guide: whether or not you decide to publish with Smashwords there is a lot of  good, simple, no-nonsense advice here (and if you want to format for epub yourself, the style guide is really helpful – even outside of Smashwords)

Rachel Gardner’s 5 Things Writers Should Know Right Now: probably my favorite take on the state of publishing and the fact that there is no one right way

Marie Forleo: fun, often irreverent business and marketing tips, NOT specific to writing (because sometimes it’s good to look outside the industry)

Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art: my go to for inspiration to keep on keeping on (fight the resistance!)

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few relevant links from my blog:

Again, thanks for spending your Sunday lunch with me!  Please stay in touch.

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