Books & Brews: From the Sideline / New Belgium Brewing’s Shift Pale Lager


Two of my favorite things in the world are craft beer and books. On the last Thursday of every month I pair a story I love with a pint to sip while reading it. 

This month I read Amy Avanzino’s second novel, FROM THE SIDELINE. Technically it’s the second book in her Wake-up Series, but I had no problem reading it as a stand-alone without reading the first book (though I really want to, now). In FROM THE SIDELINE, the main character, Autumn Kovac, reluctantly allows her only son to try out for the local youth football team. She’s terrified about sending her ten-year-old onto the field to be tackled by faster, larger, and far more coordinated children. She’s convinced he’ll sustain a head-injury, at worst, or be ridiculed by his peers, at other worst. Even though she can’t see any positive outcome, trying out for the team is only thing has made him happy since his father left– so she gives him the green light, certain he won’t make the cut. When he does, she finds herself thrown into a world she knows nothing about and finds out she has as much learning and growing to do as her son, if not more.

Here’s what I loved about the book: Continue reading

I’ve Got My Bags Packed!

Except, actually I don’t …

I’m headed to New York on Saturday, first for vacation and then for the Romance Writer’s of America (RWA) Conference. So this week is a whirl of travel prep – which for me means lots of laundry and an attempt to tie up some lose ends at both my day job and my writing job.

While I’m busy doing that, I thought I would share a couple of blog posts and interviews I’ve done during the first half of my Neverending Beginnings blog tour this month. You can also check out my itinerary for the rest of the month here. Continue reading