So… How’s the Writing Going?

I hated that question for most of last year. Why? Because the writing wasn’t going. As in, not at all. (I talked about why in this post.) However, I didn’t want to say that, because that would have been hugely discouraging. Discouraging to whom, you might ask? For starters, it wouldn’t have been the best news for the readers who have told me that they are excited about my next book. And it certainly wouldn’t have been at all encouraging to any of those just-starting-out authors I met at conferences, classes or other events.

But also, it would have felt profoundly discouraging to me. Continue reading



Earlier this week a friend of mine posted a picture from a trip to a local museum with her baby on Facebook. The baby was clearly not a fan of the outing and my friend described it as a “trip to the museum with an angry baby”. She went on to comment that she looked a bit stressed in one of the photos. She added (tongue-in-cheek) that she hoped it “wasn’t too much” for Facebook. Continue reading