So… How’s the Writing Going?

I hated that question for most of last year. Why? Because the writing wasn’t going. As in, not at all. (I talked about why in this post.) However, I didn’t want to say that, because that would have been hugely discouraging. Discouraging to whom, you might ask? For starters, it wouldn’t have been the best news for the readers who have told me that they are excited about my next book. And it certainly wouldn’t have been at all encouraging to any of those just-starting-out authors I met at conferences, classes or other events.

But also, it would have felt profoundly discouraging to me.

Which is why I came up with a series of half-true answers to that question, instead: “I’m throwing around a couple of ideas, trying to determine which one to move forward with,” “I’m focusing on writing some guest posts and articles right now,” and “I’m really enjoying re-releasing my novella and interacting with readers on Watttpad.”

I think it kept all our spirits up.

And now, I’m very pleased to report that I no longer dread the question. Because, the writing is going very well, thank you. I’m working on a novel featuring Sarah and Zach, who you may recognize from the novella available for free here on my website (see little orange box below, if you have no idea what I’m talking about). Someone in a workshop I took described it as an “after the happily ever after” story– which I love, and which is a perfect description (thanks, Kerry Lonsdale). I am slowly and messily and gratefully making my way through the first draft– so there’s not much to share at this point. But rest assured, I am writing, and I will keep you posted.

Feel free to ask how it’s going, anytime.


Here’s a tiny glimpse at the process: the song that is currently fueling my inspiration for the story: 

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19 thoughts on “So… How’s the Writing Going?”

  1. Last month a pal of mine ( was beating himself up about not meeting his goals. He’s done a ton of cool stuff lately though, kind of like you did — congratulations by the way on all your amazing 2015 achievements! What I told him is that it’s okay to have ups and downs. As a martial artist I know it can’t always be my turn to punch. There’s a rhythm…duck, hit, bob, weave, slip, hit, duck. What I’m saying, maybe not so well, is that you weren’t misleading anyone and your writing wasn’t going poorly. You were just doing what good fighters do. You were putting on a game face, taking a breath, and getting set to throw heavy leather.

    1. marychrisescobar

      I think I may make the last sentence of your comment my mantra for 2016. Such a great image (and SO well said). I really appreciate this encouragement. And your martial arts analogy about rhythm, and knowing it can’t always be your turn to punch is really spot on. I hope it was as inspiring to your pal, Andrew, as it was to me. Thank you!!

      1. It was. And some of your readers were curious enough to check me out, so now we can both be inspired.

        “Prepared to throw heavy leather.” I like the metaphor. That’s one with a wallop.

        1. marychrisescobar

          Excellent! Glad to hear it- thanks for the update. And I’m glad some of my readers paid you a visit. Here’s to a knockout 2016!

  2. I’m sure there is relief in taking this step to say that writing hasn’t been going well (or at all), and so now you can be at peace moving on with the writing (even if there are days it’s messy or downright bad–we all have those).

  3. See, this just shows how much you truly are a writer. Real writers have hard times, but they keep their chins up. They feed their interests in other ways. They teach, blog, and take classes. And when the tide turns, there they are, ready to write again. Words really don’t mean much if they don’t have the full weight of the writer behind them. I’d rather read your words when you’re ready to write them, than anything forced.

    1. marychrisescobar

      “Words really don’t mean much if they don’t have the full weight of the writer behind them.” Yes!!! I feel this so much. It’s like I have my actual real voice back! Excited to send some words your way in 2016!!

  4. Thanks for the compliment guys! So glad my words offered a little inspiration. My 2016 mantra comes by way of the unsinkable writer Chuck Wendig over at He says, “Art is a verb. Art harder mother*******s!”

    1. marychrisescobar

      Thanks, Pauline! I loved that description to– such a nice succinct way to explain the general premise of the story.

  5. Yippee! Glad your writing is going well again. Those stale periods can be pretty ugly, no? I love your half-truth answers. I might have to borrow a few the next time I hit a dry spell, hee, hee.
    Cheers and happy, happy writing (!!).

    1. marychrisescobar

      Thank you! And yes, please do feel free to borrow the half-truths any time (though hopefully you won’t need them).

    1. marychrisescobar

      I know! It is hard for that reason, too. I feel like people are expecting an answer like, “Oh, about halfway through,” but who knows– maybe it’s half way, maybe it’s only a quarter, maybe I’m going to throw out those last 100 pages. It’s a weird. weird process.

  6. I dread that question all the time. Even worse, one of my daughter’s friends asks EVERY time she sees me, and I mean every time, which is every single week day – “Is your book getting published?”

    It’s ok to want avoid a ten year old, right?

    Glad you’ve found your mojo again.

    1. marychrisescobar

      Yes! Totally fine to want to avoid a ten year old. I think I would want to too.

      But then one day, you’ll get to tell her you’ve finished, and I bet she’ll be super excited.

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