Beginnings . . .

I would be embarrassed to admit how long I have had an empty WordPress account, so I won’t. 

Beginnings are hard, right?  Approaching that person you’ve always wanted to meet at a party.  The first day of school, all the way from kindergarten to graduate programs.  Writing the first words of that paper, novel, short story, letter . . .blog.  But the trick to accomplishing any of this, is that you just have to start.  You have to walk up to that person, walk into that classroom, write down those words.  No matter how in awe you are of his or her intelligence/attractiveness/overall cool-ness.  No matter how intimidated you are by the other students, the professor.  No matter how smart, witty and wise all those other stories/poems/blogs seem compared to yours.

So today I start . . . I am a fan of good food and good beer.  I especially enjoy travelling new places to try these things.  I am inspired by people.  I try hard to notice the little things; those nuances that make life both beautiful and wacky at the same time.

Most of all, I love to write. 

So now that I’ve begun, now that those first words are out, I’ve staked out my seat in the class and walked up to that amazing person – I have no excuse to stop.

Lots more to come . . .

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