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So I’m trying my hand at blogging on the go today, from a train headed north to Penn Station. The last time I took the train to New York I was frantically writing a paper on the train so that I could enjoy my long weekend without it hanging over me. How nice to be writing for fun today!

Of all the ways to get places, the train is near the top of my list. I’m not a driver (obviously, since I happily gave up my car). The open road holds no thrill for me. Sure a car trip with the right person can be full of awesome conversation; but I can’t get up and stretch my legs by going for a coffee in the cafe car or prop my laptop/iPad up on the little table and write papers and blogs. Flying has lost all it’s appeal (outside of speed to destination) thanks to the shoes off, toiletries in a baggie strip search that has become security. Not to mention the crowded and oft cancelled flights that seem more the norm than the exception.

But the train has leg room, power outlets, little tray tables and wi-fi. You can play cards in the cafe. Stretch your feet out and sleep. Bring your own food from home (even *gasp* liquids). In theory you could even bring that giant bottle of your favorite shampoo – though those of us who travel regularly have probably long expunged that from our repertoire.

So let’s all raise our tea from the cafe car, or that coffee you brought with you from your local shop, maybe even that cup of homemade soup to travel made pleasant. To feeling less like herded animals. To keeping our shoes on. To the train!

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