Things I Forget Sometimes

I am not perfect.

It is okay not to be perfect.

I cannot do everything (also known as, I do not have superpowers).

It is okay to ask for help.

Change (even really, really positive change) carries with it a certain amount of stress.

It is okay to ask for support.

In real life I can’t smooth out transitions from one chapter to the next and make them pretty the way I can in a novel.

Those messy little unfinished moments are part of life. It is okay to embrace them as part of my journey.


1 thought on “Things I Forget Sometimes”

  1. Uhhh. yeah! That is kinda my M.O. – I love to ‘not have a plan’ and get into a bind. and when you receive help from someone, you are almost giving them the gift of ‘helping someone’ – at least, that’s what i will continue to tell myself, so i can fly by the seat of my pants 🙂 I love messing up, admitting fault & growing from it – that’s real living!

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