And suddenly it is August. That one sort of snuck up on me.

Summer months seem to have a way of taking on a life of their own and just flying by. Lots of full weekends and evenings. Always a road trip or a concert or a backyard cookout. I suppose that whole thing about the speed of time when you’re having fun* rings pretty true, huh?

So August. We could be all glass-half-empty* and look at it as the end of summer; the official winding down of all those weekends at the beach, outdoor festivals and charcoal grill flavored food. But I prefer to see it as the beginning. Maybe that’s because for me lots of things start in August:

  • It’s the beginning of the academic year for those of us connected to colleges and universities (welcome, class of 2016).
  • It’s time to start seriously planning those fall vacations (hello, Denver, CO in October).
  • It’s time to start looking through our closets and thinking about fall (this one’s for you, dress I bought in May that doesn’t work with pale legs and sandals but is certain to be awesome with tights and boots).
  • It’s time to start harvesting all that summer squash (right, plant on my patio with your pretty orange blooms?)
  • It’s time to start gathering fall recipes (and by fall I mean anything with pumpkin).
  • It’s time for the brewers in our lives to start crafting those fall beers (and by fall I mean anything with pumpkin).

So much to look forward to! Get out there and have yourself an amazing August!

*It’s also time to start using clichés with wild abandon according to number 2 on this awesome list. Okay. maybe not wild abandon, but you get the point.

4 thoughts on “August”

  1. Meredith Barnes

    I also look forward to fall because of pumpkin foodstuffs…coffee, muffins, beers, anything with pumpkin and I’m in 🙂

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