Following the Recipe

Sometimes I’m not so good at recipes.  I skip ingredients when I’m making my list.  I don’t notice that things need to be marinated overnight.  Or, like tonight, I make rather irrational conclusions about what I believe to be the ingredients, as opposed to what actually are the ingredients.  Perhaps it’s the dark underbelly of the same part of my brain that allows me to draw connections and conclusions between seemingly unrelated characters in stories.  Perhaps I’m just distracted.

When looking for something to do with the large haul of peppers from the plant on my porch (read, at least a dozen).  I ran across lots of recipes for Salsa Verde.  Of course!  Green salsa, made with pretty little green peppers!  Slathered over black bean enchiladas and warmed! Yum!

Except that when I got ready to make this tonight and really read the whole recipe,  Salsa Verde is made with tomatillos.  The peppers are just an ingredient. Sigh.

Luckily my husband’s culinary skills are the balance to my poor recipe reading skills.  So he altered the filling to include some of our peppers and made a little additional tomato salsa-ish sauce out of some tomato paste.  I made a big bowl of guacamole from avocados that were supposed to play some role in the original dish (or perhaps some other dish, who knows).  What we ended up with was a plate full of delicious accidental awesomeness.

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