I distinctly remember a picture of myself dressed as a butterfly as a very young child.  My wings are made out of some sort of white fabric (perhaps a pillowcase) and are delightfully hand-painted.  The next costume I remember is this amazing mouse  one that my mom made for me.  Since I was never a fan of masks, the head of the costume was basically a hood that snapped under my chin.  The next year I wanted to be a cat, so off came the mouse ears and on went the cat ones.  I believe it may have gone on to be a bunny before finally becoming a donkey for a church Christmas play (it may actually live on in this incarnation to this day).

The majority of costumes I have worn as an adult have had much more in common with that butterfly than the crazy-amazing mouse/cat/bunny/donkey, in that they are typically extremely homemade (i.e. no pattern or sewing machine involved) and mostly last-minute.  There were a number of years as a hippie (a pair of red John Lennon style sunglasses + things that may or may not have been a part of my actual everyday wardrobe at the time).  This was followed by a number of years as the ever popular Someone from the 80’s and/or Punk Rocker.  More specific costumes have included the Drunk Bridesmaid and Princess in Training.  Then there was the year I just happened to be wearing my glasses at a Halloween party and told everyone I was Tina Fey.

So if you’re still working on that costume for tonight – fear not!  I’m sure there is an old pair of jeans you can slash up or a bridesmaid dress you can spill something on (seriously, you aren’t going to wear it . . . no, not even to that holiday party someday).  Need more inspiration?  I leave you with this awesomeness and the Princess in Training:

*I just realized that this costume is actually Tina Fey as a Princess in Training – even better!

Happy Halloween!

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