A Mysterious Treat

I walk through a city park on my way to and from work everyday.  It’s always interesting.  The park is mostly surrounded by a university, so there are students arcing footballs across the footpaths, playing guitar, engaging in a game with foam swords and cardboard shields. There is also a solid display of urban wildlife: the hawk that hangs out there pretty regularly, any number of squirrels darting frantically round.  Occasionally these two worlds intersect in unexpected ways.

Most recently it was a squirrel eating a cracker.  Not just any little cracker, but one of those bright orange peanut butter sandwich ones that comes in a six pack.  The ones that are about the same size as a squirrels head, if not larger.  I can only imagine what that squirrel was thinking . . .

Whew . . . near miss there.  Why do those bikes go so fast anyway.  What are they late for?  Didn’t that person see me?  Oh, over there, a nut.  Drat . . . Sammy got it.  How is he so fast? Wait, I smell something over there.  No there.  No up the tree.  Maybe down.  Where?  Nut?  Ack!  Quick move left – a runner.  No she’s going right . . . now left . . . which way do I go?  Which way?  Okay, back on the grass, deep breath.  Geez, they are so human-ly, always darting every which way.

Now, back to that smell.  It smells like nuts . . . but something else.  It’s getting stronger.  What’s that shiny, clear thing.  There are words on it – if only I could read.  Hey, the smell just got stronger.  What’s this next to the  crinkly, clear, wordy stuff . . . nuts!  NUTS!  Definitely peanuts!  But . . .  I mean I’m not so great with colors but this is a funny looking peanut.  Weird shape too.  And HUGE!  Heavy too; this one’s going to take both hands. Hmm, well here goes nothing . . .

Hmmm  . . . salty.  Peanut-y.  Crunchy too.  Not bad.  Not bad at all . . .but what is it?

We’re not particularly sure ourselves, little squirrel, not sure at all.

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