10 Things I Didn’t Know at 26

So, I had a birthday recently. Sometimes I forget my age. Really, I actually have to stop and think about it if I haven’t done the math in a while. I think people assume I’m faking this to avoid revealing the number, or using it as some sort of lament (i.e, “I’m so old, I can’t even remember how old!”). It’s not that at all. I am eternally grateful for each and every year. It really is that I just I don’t think about it. It’s never been about the number as much as the feeling, and I’m really not sure 36 feels all that different from 26. Except for the fact that there are certainly things I know now that I didn’t then. Here’s the short list:

  1. Sometimes what is kind, is not what is easy.
  2. Kale is awesome. So are avocados. Smoothies made with both = nearly unbearable awesome-ness. (thing number 2.5: I probably say awesome too much. I probably won’t stop. Awesome.)
  3. I must nurture my introvert. Without quiet time, I’m not at my best for all the other time.
  4. Being positive doesn’t mean refusing to acknowledge that bad things happen. It means refusing to allow these things to derail me.
  5. I can cook without a recipe.
  6. It is okay to fail.
  7. Gratitude is an insane-ly powerful thing.
  8. I can run three miles on a regular basis. Sometimes, I can even make it six.
  9. The big, life-changing stuff pops up on a random Tuesday, when it’s least expected. It’s best to try not to worry about the not yet known.
  10. It is never okay to apologize for who I am.

What do you know now that your ten-years-ago self didn’t? Share your list in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “10 Things I Didn’t Know at 26”

  1. Love this! Introspection is one of our greatest tools in life. My list would include:
    Forgiveness isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself.

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