5 Ways to Guarantee Your Party will be Awesome

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This past weekend I had the privilege of attending my friend Sarah’s bachelorette party (aka “Hen Party”, if you’re from the UK).  It was such a fun weekend!  Here’s what made it awesome:

Location.  We left the city and headed out to a wine/beer/cider country, where we stayed in an apartment above a barn (full disclosure: it was a barn with chandeliers. Clearly, not your average run of the mill barn).

Good food.  Friday night,  we followed a recommendation from the lovely folks who ran the stable and ended up with the sort of homemade food that only a local can find. The collards came in a little cup of their own broth (aka pot liquor, if you’re from the south, or a hard core collards aficionado).  The macaroni and cheese was perfect; and apparently, the chicken pot pie was, well,  . . . amazing.

Games. They aren’t just for kids.  One of the ladies brought this awesome little box of conversation starter cards, perfect for lounging around a picnic table by a mountain stream sipping wine.  And of course, who can resist hurling bean bags across a field:

sarah cornholeParty favors.  In keeping with the barn theme there were cowboy hats and bandanas for all.  There were matching glasses with our initials on them and enough pink beads to share everywhere we went. And there were mustache straws.


Attitude.  Okay, this isn’t one that you can control as a host, but possibly the biggest ingredient in an awesome party is awesome people.  Those friends that wear hats and hand out beads and get excited about chicken pot pie and cider and mountain views and barns with chandeliers.

The truth of it is, if you’ve got the people, then nothing else on this list matters.

*I’ve been on a bit of a wedding kick here with anniversaries and bachelorette parties.  Seems like weddings are full of fodder for writing, which is probably why a wedding plays such a central role in my novel, Neverending Beginnings.  Did you know you could win a copy just by signing up in the box below? (You’ll also get my weekly blog via e-mail.)

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Guarantee Your Party will be Awesome”

  1. It was a fabulous weekend and I definitely agree-it was because of the amazingly awesome friends that I have! Also, you forgot a word before awesome to describe the chicken pot pie…

    1. Ha! Yes, I try to keep the ole’ blog on the G rated side, but I knew you and all the other ladies would fill in the appropriate adjective.

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