Resolve To . . .

Resolve to

Resolve to occasionally eat chocolate for breakfast if you want to.  Or bacon.  Or chocolate covered bacon.

Resolve to do that thing you’ve been thinking about but just aren’t sure what everyone would think.  You know the one: that haircut with the choppy bangs, that guy (or gal) who’s not like anyone you’ve ever dated, that story in your head about the unicorn and the wily goat you want to write.

Resolve to be who you are, not some version of yourself you believe you need to be.

Resolve to take the time tell someone that you like their haircut/shoes/hat/funky cat sweater/smile.

Resolve to tell the people you love that you love them, stinky toes and all.

Resolve to say hard things that need to be said because it is right and kind to say them.

Resolve to celebrate the little accomplishments: like wearing matching socks, remembering to floss or making it through the day after switching to decaf (okay, the last one is sort of huge).

Resolve to write things down.  No one expects you to remember that you’re out of sriracha sauce and sugar next time you go to the grocery store.

Resolve to stop beating yourself up about your to-do list.  Some days you’ll accomplish 30 things, other days you’ll get through 1/3 of one thing.  Everyday you did something.

Finally, resolve to judge yourself only by your progress towards your own personal goals this year.  When things feel insurmountable, dig deep and push yourself just a little harder.  Especially when you want to give up. Most especially when everyone else says you’re crazy.

Happy New Year!

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