Chicken Fried

Over the last couple weeks, while preparing to launch my latest book out into the world, I also decided it would be the perfect time to roll out the changes to my website that I have been planning for some time. This meant a lot of time spent in front of a computer, moving and tweaking words and images.

In the midst of all this one must take a break — lest one forget how to form words into coherent conversation without sounding like web copy.  Music always provides  a perfect quick get away for me, so one night I hit play for a random selection and landed on Zac Brown Band’s, Chicken Fried.

For some reason this song always transports me back to my home town.  On paper it doesn’t seem puzzling, I grew up in a small town in Virginia.  Fried chicken and country music are in my bones, right?

Not so much. I ate fried chicken occasionally, but it’s not a family staple (that would be my grandmother’s yellow cake with caramel icing). I also really didn’t listen to that much country music growing up, only if it was on in the background at someone else’s house or playing in a friend’s car.

I think real the magic of the song for me, is its focus on the simple things in life; both the things specifically mentioned in the lyrics as well as the clean harmonies. It is the simplicity of it that transports me back into childhood memories and immediately makes me feel at ease.  Which is exactly why it was the perfect thing to land on when I was getting a bit too wrapped up in copy and code last week.

Plus who doesn’t like a cold beer on a Friday night, and a pair of jeans that fit just right?

Do you have a song that transports you?  Let’s chat about it in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Fried”

  1. For me it’s the song “Summer” by John Denver. (Or just about any song on his live album.) It’s cheesy, country and old-fashioned. But it reminds me of mornings in summers driving across the country with my family. Beautiful open roads beaconing, and the glorious landscapes lit orange and warm. This song makes me reopen my eyes to the land, my family, all people and the life around me–it ignites awareness and a consciousness that I need to reconnect to often. I’m getting teary just thinking of it.
    Here’s a link to it:

    On another note – this website redo is just lovely. It’s clean, pretty and friendly just like you.

    1. marychrisescobar

      I love this! What a beautiful memory. I can almost see those warm, open roads.
      Thanks for the lovely compliment! I’m thrilled with the new look!

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