‘Til the Sweat Drips Down My …

It’s summer here in Virginia. This means two things: heat and humidity.  I’m talking skin-blotching, sweat dripping down your back kind of days. This past Sunday was one of them. On top of the heat, it was also the sort of relaxed, roll out of bed, put on your favorite jeans kind of day. 

The kind of day when you will inevitably meet people who find out you are a writer (or whatever it is that you are) and be so, very genuinely interested in your product and your process.  Which is how Sunday afternoon I found myself answering thoughtful questions while wiping the sweat beads from my lip with a soggy, no longer effective napkin and wiping my sweaty hands on my (sweaty) jeans and handing out my business cards. I was all red -faced, flat-haired and sticky. The complete opposite of that author in the photo on the back of my book.

There was a time in my life I would have been embarrassed about the heat and the sweat and the red-ness. I am grateful that, for the most part, that time has passed.  Would I have liked to look more put together? Sure. Would I have traded those moments spent talking about the work I love to do– definitely not. My hunch is that some of the best connections are made when we are not being the most perfect versions of ourselves.


What do you think? Have you had positive chance encounters when you were least expecting them? Tell me about it in the comments below. (And don’t forget to sign up to get my posts delivered directly to your inbox, just fill out that cute little orange box below.)

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