About That Decking the Halls Thing …


I thought about decorating our house last weekend. I was going to get out the big box labeled Christmas, hang the fake mistletoe, fill that bowl on the table with shiny ornaments. I mean we are having this holiday thing at our house and so I should decorate, right? We can’t host a holiday gathering in an unholiday-ed house!

And the moment I had that thought, was the exact moment I decided I was not going to decorate this year.

Last week a friend posted a picture of her Christmas wreath on Facebook and proclaimed that was it for her decorating this year. She indicated she was enjoying the pictures of everyone else’s decked halls. A few days after that, I was talking to my Mom on the phone and she mentioned that she hadn’t done much decorating at all, but loved seeing the festively lit houses around town.

They are wise women and I’m going to follow their lead this year. I’ll hang my wreath (it’s on top of the giant box– no digging required). I’ll display the Christmas cards from friends and family (love those!) and I’ll turn on the holiday music and enjoy having friends over. One quiet afternoon I’ll bake my grandmother’s pound cake.

And this year that will be all the decoration I need.

*I walk by the lights pictured above on my walk home every night, they’re my favorite!  (Side note: they are outside the Jefferson Hotel, which is featured in the holiday short story I posted last week.)

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