Neverending Beginnings, Take Two

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On January 12, 2013, I wrote a blog post announcing that I had just made my novel, Neverending Beginnings available to world as an e-book. Today, I am writing a post announcing that it is available in paperback.

When I smiled for that picture above on the left, I knew nothing about what I was getting into. Nothing about how to find people who might want to read my book. Nothing about running a business (I didn’t even realize I was running a business). I didn’t know nearly enough about creating a really polished final product. And not a single thing about how many hours all of this would take.

In Neverending Beginnings, the heroine, Kate, keeps waking up a week in the past (like the movie Groundhog Day). She has to keep living the same week over and over until she figures some things out. As I sit here with another chance to launch this story I love out into the world, I feel a little bit like Kate. Doing the same thing again, but with the benefit of time and knowledge. I’m getting my very own do-over.

Back in 2013, Neverending Beginnings slipped silently onto the internet. In my do-over the paperback is arriving to a full summer of fanfare: book signings and blog tours and national conference presentations. I’ll be keeping my Reader’s Club up to date about all these things, so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter in the box below to stay up to date. (Plus there’s a fun subscriber only giveaway going on for the next couple weeks.)

As we venture into this summer of fanfare, if you’ve read the book already – thank you. If you enjoyed it, please celebrate the relaunch by telling friend about it. If you haven’t read the book yet, the paperback  sure would look fabulous in your beach bag this summer. And seriously, thank you all a million times over for all your support since I began this crazy journey two years ago.

Click here to purchase the shiny new Neverending Beginnings paperback.

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