Dear Lady with the Giant Martini

Dear Lady with the Giant Martini,

We’ve never officially met. You sat next to my husband at the opening night of that play last Thursday. When we arrived, there were two seats next to us, one of which was reserved for an actor (you’ll recall that there was a lot of interaction with the audience during this particular show). We were just commenting that the seat that wasn’t reserved might stay open, since people tend to buy tickets to the theatre in pairs. No sooner than we had mentioned this, you arrived.

And I was reminded that I was wrong. People do buy tickets just for themselves. As they should.

So, please forgive my limited perspective. There may very well come a time in my life when I don’t have a constant companion to the theatre and I’d be well-advised to remember not to take my steadfast plus one for granted. If and when that day comes, my sincere hope is that I too will buy myself a ticket and a martini in a large glass with not just two, but three, olives. You asked for that extra olive, didn’t you? Well done, my fabulous friend, well done.

With deepest respect,

Mary Chris

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6 thoughts on “Dear Lady with the Giant Martini”

    1. marychrisescobar

      Haha! Yes! I think I’ve determined, thanks to this fabulous lady, that it really is the only appropriate entrance to make.

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