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Just a few little notes about what’s on my playlist, my nightstand, and my stove these days.

On the last Thursday of every month I share a book I’ve read and a beer to go along with it in my Books & Brews post. This is super fun way to share two of my very favorite things with you (craft beer and books), but there are also so many great podcasts, songs, recipes and other books that I’d love to share. So I came up with an idea for this new feature– I’m calling it What’s On and it’s just a little monthly round up of all that other good stuff.

On my playlist: Every Branch Podcast– I stumbled on this podcast late last year and havecover170x170 been listening my way through the archives since then. You know how sometimes something finds you at exactly the moment you need it? Yeah, that was this. I was just starting to heal from my year of not-really-writing and tackling new directions in my career. Brooke Snow and Sarah Bray felt like old friends immediately. They’re beautifully honest in a way that makes me feel like I’m having coffee with a friend– that one who really gets me. Two of my favorite episodes are #24: Making Friends and #36 Freedom Through Forgiveness. (The most recent episode, #38, is also amazing, and explains the transition that is going on with the podcast right now.)

IMG_2416On my nightstand: When I was putting together Books & Brews for April, I realized that the author of the book I featured, Michelle Gable, was going to be in Richmond later the same week. Such serendipity! So of course I went to her signing and picked up a copy of her new novel, I’LL SEE YOU IN PARIS. I swore I was going to wait and finish some of the other half-read books on my nightstand, but alas* … I’m now a little less than halfway through and loving the story! (*There’s and eccentric Duchess-in-hiding and a restless recent college grad trying to unravel her story — how could I not start reading that?!)

On my stove: So I’ve been a little (*ahem* a lot) obsessed with red lentils ever since discovering them in Michelle Maisto’s memoir, a few years ago. So obviously when this recipe for Spicy Red Lentil Curry landed in my inbox it went on the menu immediately. It’s totally a keeper, as are most things from Minimalist Baker.

Now it’s your turn! What’s on in your world? Let me know in the comments.

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12 thoughts on “What’s On …”

  1. I’ve been listening to a lot of Prince lately (for obvious reasons), and I’m currently reading two novels. I usually read one at a time, but one is paperback and one is on my Kindle and so I read them at different times. I’m reading The Dinner Party by Brenda Janovitz. It was just released a couple of weeks ago and I went to a reading in NYC. The setting of the book (or most of it) is a Passover dinner, which is very timely. The other book I’m reading is Staying at Daisy’s by Jill Mansell. I have found that reading this author inspires me to “bring the funny” in my own writing so I plan to read a lot more of her in the coming months. As far as what’s cooking – nothing. I don’t cook!

    1. marychrisescobar

      Hi Meredith! Yes- Prince… absolutely! Both of those books sound great! I haven’t read Jill Mansell, but I’m definitely going to have to check her out– this is the second time in a few days I’ve heard about how funny her books are!

  2. What’s on my mind? My latest revision.

    What’s on my wish list? More time for myself and less time running around for others. Not that I don’t love my busy family life but UGH I just want the world and its demands to slow down for two weeks and leave me alone so I can write without so many dang interruptions.

    What’s on my things-to-do list? Clean my house. Oh, heck. That’s always on my things-to-do list.

    Hm . . . must think of something better. Oh! I know. I want to try a new recipe for a drink I had in Old Towne Alexandria. Elderflower, hibiscus, and Prosecco. Will need to sample a lot of drinks until I perfect the taste. Research! Very important.

    1. marychrisescobar

      Your comment makes me realize how many directions I can go with the “What’s on …” topic! Love it!

      Doing dishes is ALWAYS on my to do list, as well- glad to know I’m to the only one who lets this part of my list slide perpetually.

      That drink sounds amazing! While you’re working on finding ingredients and perfecting the recipe- you might like Potter’s Grapefruit Hibiscus Cider. It’s super dry and drinks more like a nice wine (in my opinion).

      Here’s hoping you get some “you” time for that revision soon!

  3. Great list! I’m not listening to anything in particular, but I do have the satellite radio tuned to the Prince tribute station when I’m in the car. I’m reading Reckless: My Life as a Pretender by Chrissie Hynde–great stuff! Interesting life (of course) and she’s very poetic. Cooking…er…well, I made mango muffins the other day. Does that count? 🙂

    1. marychrisescobar

      The Chrissie Hynde book sounds really great. I’m sure she does have amazing stories and the poetic writing is like icing on the cake.

      Mango muffins sound pretty fabulous. That totally counts!

  4. I tend to listen to my playlist on my phone. My current obsession that I keep repeating is “Fight Song”.

    You’ve seen my TBR pile, but the book I’m currently reading is The Lake House by Kate Morton. It’s taking me a while (it’s so think!), but I am really enjoying it.

    On my stove – soup! It’s coming into winter here in OZ, and soup, homemade soup, is just perfect!

    1. marychrisescobar

      I do exactly the same thing with songs! Then I’ll move on from that one and months later rediscover it and fall in love all over again!

      Soup is my go-to winter meal too. I like that you can make lots of it at one time and use it for multiple dinners and lunches over the course of a week (or even freeze it for quick re-heating later).

  5. I don’t do audio books and I listen to whatever comes up – I rarely do playlists because I get bored with the same thing over and over. I guess I’m too lazy to keep changing it around.
    My TBR is gigantic, and since I owe a few reviews of books I’ve completed, I will be reading and reviewing children’s books until I get caught up on the grown-up reviews. I have a stack of children’s books too.
    Cooking? Hmmm. The cold front moved in and put me in the mood to put on a pot of chili. I baked some cornbread to go with it.

    1. marychrisescobar

      I love podcasts, but will admit that I’ve never tried audiobooks. I listen a lot when I’m running on the treadmill or walking to work. I’m afraid I’d get to a really good part in the story and not want to stop listening. (Which might not be so bad when running, but probably wouldn’t be appreciated at work.)

      I LOVE children’s books– sounds like a perfect thing to read while you’re catching up on your other reviews.

      Chill and cornbread. Sounds perfect!

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