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Just a few little notes about what’s on my playlist, my nightstand, and my stove these days.

On my playlist: A couple of weeks ago my husband went to summer camp for adults. On the last day, there was a spontaneous dance party to George Michael’s Freedom. We’ve been keeping this tradition alive since he got home. (On a side note: I remember thinking this was the most dramatic/arts-y video ever when it came out. Now more than 20 years later, I’m just wondering why George is eating an orange at the beginning? Random.)

On my nightstand: So it’s technically not on my nightstand, but I did pass an evening reading Meg Fee’s blog— so I’m going to roll with it here. I go through phases with blogs. I’ll routinely check in on one for a while, and then something (a project I’m working on, a busy season at work) will interrupt and I’ll go a quite a while without reading. When I finally check in again, it’s like having a coffee with one of those friends you always pick up where you left off with. I especially enjoyed catching up on her trip to Paris with her mother, through this post, and this one, and also this one. Right time. Right place.

On my stove: Or rather in my lunchbox and then the microwave– The Harvest Casserole 1067Bowl from Amy’s Kitchen. According to the story on the box it’s inspired by a dish at a restaurant in Sebastopol, which I’ve pretty much decided is the most magical place ever since reading Eight Hundred Grapes earlier this year.

So, that’s a little roundup of the little things I’m loving in life. What about you? What’s making your days just a little brighter?

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