Full Stop.

Tuesday night I was eating dinner at my kitchen counter and catching up on reading e-mails. You know the ones that you know have good nuggets of information in them, but you don’t have the time to read them in the moment they arrive, so you leave them unread until you can give them your undivided attention. Like the ones from that half marathon training team coach, or that person whose take on marketing for creatives you love. Those e-mails. All 30 something* of them. (*May or may not be a gross underestimation of the actual number.)

At some point, I took a break from mindlessly chewing, looked up from my phone, and saw this outside my window:

img_2698And I thought isn’t that pretty before turning back to my bowl, back to those e-mails. Which is when this tiny voice inside my head grew big lungs and screamed STOP.

I put down the spoon, set aside the phone and watched the sun dip low behind that building. The yellow blending to orange and then ending in pink wisps. Art. Perfectly framed in the window.

But only for a moment.


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8 thoughts on “Full Stop.”

  1. Love this — it’s wonderful! Literally, as in “full of wonder.” Everything that comes our way is an opportunity to open the door and welcome inside a sense of wonder, a breath of sacredness. Pretty things are easy. But even the winds of sadness, once their wintry sharpenss has softened into spring, will prompt us to fly kites in the sun.

    Last night I dreamed I found a holy book and it was filled with meaningless symbols only I could understand. And when the world asked me to translate it for them I refused and said, “No. If I rendered it in English you would only misunderstand it. Go and find your own.”

    I think the sunsets out our window are the pages of our personal holy books. We just have to stop and read them as they unfold…

    1. marychrisescobar

      Yes! We have our own personal holy books in front of us all the time… we just have to slow down enough to read them.

      Thank you so much for sharing about your dream and for the reminder about the fact that there is beauty, even in sadness.

  2. Lovely, yeah we sometimes need to be reminded of the natural beauty just right outside our windows..and doors

    Take care,

  3. RE: the bookstores

    I’ve been to Powells in Portland, Oregon the one in columbus, and chicago.
    I’d love to visit all of these…especially the two bookstores in New York and the one in Pennsylvania. But they all are magnificent.

    1. marychrisescobar

      That’s awesome! I love that you have been to four of them! I think I seriously want to use that article as a travel planner. A couple that didn’t make the list that I also loved: Malaprop’s in Asheville, NC and the Tattered Cover in Denver, CO.

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