The Souvenirs I Couldn’t Fit in My Suitcase


I just got back from San Antonio (hence the Alamo picture above). The Riverwalk is a wanderer’s dream, especially if you wind your way past the more populated area near the convention center to the quieter area near the art museum. It just keeps getting better if you walk even further into the recently redeveloped Pearl Brewery district (Not a brewery, just an area of the city were there are a number of warehouses that used to be part of a brewery. Which is, in a word — awesome.)

It was at a lovely restaurant in that area (The Granary) where I met the first in the cast of characters in my San Antonio story. Continue reading

Chicken Fried

Over the last couple weeks, while preparing to launch my latest book out into the world, I also decided it would be the perfect time to roll out the changes to my website that I have been planning for some time. This meant a lot of time spent in front of a computer, moving and tweaking words and images.

In the midst of all this one must take a break — lest one forget how to form words into coherent conversation without sounding like web copy. Continue reading

On Mother’s Day (or, you know, the Thursday after)

mothers day

I believe in gratitude.  It can forge connections and make us feel less alone in a great big world, like nothing else.  Yet sometimes, I take for granted that the people closest to me know how grateful I am for them.  I’ll stop by my co-workers office to tell her how awesome those iced sugar cookies she left in the staff kitchen were, but I don’t think to e-mail my Mom to let her know how much I loved pulling one of her chocolate chip cookie bars out of the freezer.  That it reminds me of childhood and of home.

This week I though I would pause to reflect on just a few of the other things I may have forgotten to thank my Mom for: Continue reading