On Mother’s Day (or, you know, the Thursday after)

mothers day

I believe in gratitude.  It can forge connections and make us feel less alone in a great big world, like nothing else.  Yet sometimes, I take for granted that the people closest to me know how grateful I am for them.  I’ll stop by my co-workers office to tell her how awesome those iced sugar cookies she left in the staff kitchen were, but I don’t think to e-mail my Mom to let her know how much I loved pulling one of her chocolate chip cookie bars out of the freezer.  That it reminds me of childhood and of home.

This week I though I would pause to reflect on just a few of the other things I may have forgotten to thank my Mom for:

  • All the shopping trips over the years.  Especially the ones during those awkward early teens, when you would encourage me try on what I liked.
  • For not freaking out when I inadvertently died my hair maroon in high school.
  • For all those times you told me it was fine to have a quiet day at home.  That is was okay to want to be alone sometimes.
  • For letting me make “plates” of food for my hamster on jar lids.
  • For all those times I watched saw you talk on the phone with your closest friends and learned about the importance of friendship.
  • For letting me dance to the Nutcracker Suite in the living room and tape radio shows in our (one) bathroom with my friends (that are still friends today, see above).
  • For not stopping me when I wandered around the house, acting out stories with my stuffed animals, and for encouraging me years later when I wandered through several majors in college.
  • For allowing me the space to be myself.

And, of course, for those cookie bars.

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